A review of Bluehost: the internet’s most effective and affordable website hosting service.

Since its establishment in 1996, Bluehost has worked hard to become one of the most recognized and trusted web hosting brands in the market. Going from strength to strength, it quickly became WordPress’s dedicated hosting partner.

WordPress themselves view Bluehost as the world’s #1 web hosting service.. they were so confident in this company’s ability to provide a hosting service for their customers’ websites they named them their official partner.

On top of being famous for providing exceptional speeds, they also knew Bluehost for providing a high-quality customer service and support mechanism. Bluehost make this available to its customers 24/7 either via phone, live chat, or email.

One of the primary reasons that businesses work with Bluehost is that they offer free domains, access to a free SSL, a high-quality website builder, and even offer discounts of up to 60%. As part of our Bluehost review, we look at all aspects of the Bluehost web hosting service, including.

Table of Contents:

  • Bluehost testing an overview
  • A little more about Bluehost
  • Bluehost Performance test
  • Bluehost Hosting Plans and Features explained
  • Migrating or switching a site to Bluehost
  • Bluehosts Customer Service and support test
  • Top 4 alternatives to BlueHost
  • Key Features of Bluehost
  • Bluehost: its pros and cons

When our team conducted bluehost review, we don’t rely on someone else’s perspective; we want to test products and services for ourselves. During our Bluehost WordPress review we focused on its reliability, but this is vital for the success of any website. We directly contacted their customer support teams to assess their knowledge and professionalism.

We examined all the features provided by Bluehost to see exactly what benefits they offer a small business’ website. Pricing is always important, so we looked at the cost of their hosting plans and pricing plans. Finally, above all else, speed and reliability is key to the success of every website. We tested their server response times, they’re uptime and their service speeds.

A little more about Bluehost

Our reviewers believe that before you commit to any service, it’s important to first look under the hood of the company you’re working with. A quick look online will quickly reveal the extent of Bluehost is dominating the web hosting market, proving it to be one of the most widely used and while regarded products on the market.

It was first launched in 1996, it’s now grown to host over 2 million websites for businesses of all types around the world. It’s partnership with WordPress started in 2006, which is only added to its reputation as they trusted it to be their dedicated web hosting provider. This recognition from the internet’s #1 content management system should be enough to tell you we can trust them, but here are some other equally important reasons to choose Bluehost.

Bluehost Performance is exceptional

Bluehost possesses an exceptional performance metric, which is vital when assessing I need website hosting service. The primary reason for its popularity is its speed has this directly affects user’s experience and the popularity of businesses websites. Speed also affects on your website’s SEO rankings it shows research up to 7% can affect your website’s conversion rate if the speed of your website drops by 1%. If it moves any slower than that, even a 3 seconds delay could cost you up to 50% of your potential traffic.

So we tested the speed of Bluehost

People expect instant access to information and that’s a consequence of your website’s performance moon and speed Central to its success. Your web hosting company has to provide you with a reliable, fast service. Nothing we conducted our own testing on Bluehost’s speed. We created our own test site using one of their most popular default teams. We imported images videos and content and use the dedicated speed testing service. It’s allowed us to assess Bluehost ability to deliver a top quality high-speed web hosting service.

That our website loaded in under a second revealed Bluehost can deliver on its claim to be the internet’s fastest web hosting service. That we get this speed by default without having to add any additional caching plugins or speed optimization tools made it even more impressive.

Next step in our speed testing was to see how Bluehost stood up against increased traffic levels. We use a specific testing tool that can create virtual users. This tool allows us to build a few hundred visitors, create multiple connections at one time, and see how your web poster responds to these requests. As we pushed Bluehost servers to see how they would respond to an increased load, they remain stable throughout. So with speed and maintaining consistency regardless of the amount of traffic, Bluehost seems to be the perfect fit.

Testing Bluehost server response times and uptime.

The next step in our testing process wants to examine Bluehost’s servers regarding their uptime and response speeds. We had to use a distinct set of tools customized to test these two factors. How fast your website loads is only one key aspect of its performance. We had to take a little deeper to test the surface response times to see how fast it actually loads data. When testing US serves, Bluehost responded in a millisecond. We tested servers outside the US and they were a little slower but the solution to this is simple if you’re intending to target an audience outside of the US you can choose to base your website on one of bluehost’s many servers in different parts of the world. Known for its reliability,

After spending time and money on building your online presence, the last thing you need to worry about is server downtime. Bluehost are dedicated to the ongoing maintenance and support to their servers, and this ensures their exceptional uptime percentage. Bluehost maintain 99.99% server uptime rate. which is well above industry average 100% of time while I was the ideal, it’s just not realistic?

A review of Bluehost hosting plans

Bluehost has a variety of different hosting plans for websites to suit all budgets and sizes. These plans include VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, Woocommerce hosting, and WordPress hosting, and shared hosting.

Shared Bluehost hosting plans:

These plans are designed specifically for newer websites who expect their traffic to be of a low volume as they’re more cost-effective in allowing you to maintain and launch website in a cost-effective manner.

Cloud bluehost hosting plans:

As your website grows, you may want a more reliable and faster hosting plan. Bluehost design these hosting plans to allow a business to switch servers in the event of issues such as hardware failures are higher traffic.

Bluehost WordPress hosting plans:

Bluethost WordPress plans are designed because of their dedicated hosting provider status, so they’ve put together a package customized to host WordPress sites. They have optimized this WordPress hosting plan to provide a high level of security against the most common threats known to WordPress sites.

Bluehost Woocommerce hosting plans:

Anyone who’s intending to use Bluehost to set up a WordPress based e-commerce website is most likely familiar with Woocommerce. They put together Bluehost hosting plan tailors for you to easily maintain your online e-commerce business.

Bluehost VPS hosting plans:

Bluehost also offer a virtual private server plan that is designed specifically to allow for shared hosting you can provide virtual resources within a dedicated shared environment.

Bluehost Dedicated server hosting plans:

If you want to keep control of all the aspects of your website Bluehost will provide you with a dedicated server hosting plan allowing you to keep all your resources in a single place manage and control them yourself.

Overview of Bluehost shared hosting plans.

It’s probably safe to assume that the vast majority of you reading this review are looking for a website hosting service for the first time. This is the case you’re probably going to take one of Bluehost’s shared hosting plans. This is by far the most popular and it’s customized for starter websites. most people start off on the basic plan, and as their business progresses they move to the plus plan, and eventually the prime plan.

The Basic Bluehost hosting plan:

You can get the basic hosting plan on Bluehost, which allows for single website hosting for as little as $2.95 per month. This plan supports a single domain with up to 25 sub-domains. It also offers you 50 GB of storage and 5 unique email accounts. The only catch we see with this plan is that renewals might cost you $7..99 per month.

The Plus Bluehost hosting plan:

This plan offers unlimited email accounts, unlimited capacity and web space, and starts at $5.45 per month. Upon renewal, the plan will increase in cost to $10.99 a month.

The Prime Bluehost hosting plan:

This offers you all the features of the previous plans, but you get an additional backup package and increase domain privacy as a free add-on. These are worth over $80 a year this package also starts at $5.45 a month but will cost you $14.99 a month if you renew it.

Bluehost do you understand that when someone starts out on a new website, they’re regularly unsure of what plan will suit them best to allow for this you can easily upgrade from one plan to the next should you need it.

Switching a website – migrating to Bluehost

As website hosting has become a more and more lucrative business, you may read this review because you’ve had an unsatisfactory experience for a different provider and want to switch. Because of this Bluehost want you to know that switching couldn’t be easier for you can either pay them to migrate your website for you are switches yourself, you may even qualify for a free migration.

#1 Migration by paying Bluehost

Migrating or switching a website yourself can sometimes be daunting, even for Bluehost or happy to do the entire process for $149.99. their team will switch up to five websites and even 20 email accounts for this price. You’ll be guaranteed that during the complete process you will get 24/7 support, and your website will not experience any downtime. Unfortunately, they can’t switch websites from resellers, dedicate or VPS server accounts.

#2 Happy to migrate your site on your own

By offering you access to a standard cPanel dashboard Bluehost makes migrating your website yourself possible. But it’s not advisable unless you are tech savvy, best advice is to let someone who knows what they’re doing follow the step-by-step process.

#3 How to quality for a free migration

Once you sign up for a hosting plan, apply to Bluetooth directly and they may switch your website for free. They will have some basic criteria for to meet once you pass that their experts will do everything else for you.

Testing Bluehost Customer Service

Central to any good we’re posting service is there support and customer service mechanism. Bluehost have consistently right as providing one of the best customer service and support mechanisms available in the web hosting sphere. This is important because regardless of your level of expertise from time to time things go wrong and this is when you will need the help of your web hosting company. It’s important to know that the expertise and stuff needed to help you should any unforeseen circumstances arise.

Most of Bluehost’s customer service and support is given through step-by-step guides, video tutorials and a variety of in-depth articles. They design these to allow their users to increase their own knowledge base by providing helpful information to both beginners and experienced users alike.

A quick scan of any online reviews reveals that Bluehost consistently receive five star ratings, making them one of the highest ranked companies regarding support and customer service. As we mentioned previously, they provide their support primarily to live chat, emails and a 24/7 phone line.

As much as we are inclined to trust other people and users’ reviews, we tested Bluetooth and the level of support they provide based on two specific criteria. We tested both online knowledge center as well as the knowledge of their staff through their live chat and phone support. at this point we would advise that when contacting any Bluehost support team member that you note who you’re talking to so you can track the conversation in the future should you need to without ever having to start the entire process again.

Bluehost live chat support

The support team behind bluehost’s live chat we’re both knowledgeable and responsive. We have some very specific questions and they answered all of them accurately and concisely in an honest open and friendly manner. We were impressed by the insightful and relevant information provided. They also followed up on our initial inquiries, I providing extra information to emailing us further backup links. We are in particular fans of live chat as the conversations are easily recorded and for future reference.

Testing Bluetooth 24/7 customer support line

After our positive live chat experience, we decided to it’s the responsiveness of their 24/7 customer support phone lines. There’s no denying that they have to rely heavily on their live chat and their website for providing the backbone of their customer support mechanisms. We found wait times to be acceptable, and the support staff to be helpful. It’s all honest to you I would recommend using their free online resources first as you learn more about the website hosting service by solving the problem yourself. it should be noted that Bluehost are trying to provide a more personal customer service experience by switching from their ticket-based system to a more phone-based support system.

Top 4 alternatives to Bluehost


You can’t miss the advertising commercials featuring Danica Patrick. The service is primarily aimed at people who know nothing about web hosting who lack the skills needed to set up their own sites. But the services provided by GoDaddy are pretty basic don’t expect any in-depth comprehensive or fully customizable options. If all you want is a simple website like a portfolio or a blog then GoDaddy might suit your needs.


DreamHost are one of the few remaining independent we’re posting providers left. this means if you like supporting people with a true entrepreneurial spirit, choosing DreamHost could be the option for you. Unfortunately, it’s privately operated known nature means you get slightly more limited to support than you would with larger organization but they offer you a guarantee of your money back within 3 months if you are not happy.


If you’re looking for a true rival to the services provided by Bluehost, then SiteGround is worthy of consideration. They work well with woocommerce and WordPress, have excellent security features and have some very flexible subscription packages. They’re feature a SuperCacher some designed to speed up your website loading times, making it one of the fastest hosting platforms online.


HostGator is another one of the Bluehost alternatives this one is specifically designed for e-commerce purposes as it supplies a great range of SEO tools. Its services and pricing are like Bluehost, but it offers a wider range of membership packages because of its e-commerce nature. Some people really like their drag-and-drop website builder that helps quickly build mobile responsive websites. It’s also possible to quickly transfer your website content to host later with little or no trouble. Expect your price to increase after your first year and occasionally these prices are above those of their competitors.

The Key Features of Bluehost

#1 Blue host Accounts are really easy to manage

Setting up a Bluehost account couldn’t be easier, and managing them is straightforward as they allow you to use account demo first to test the service

#2 Works exceptionally well with WordPress

Because of their dedicated WordPress hosting plans, managing while using Bluehost is very straightforward

#3 Bluehost place no limit on usage

Unlike some of its major competitors, Bluehost doesn’t set any limit on your usage

#4 Price plans that are affordable

There are no pricing plans available online that can compete with WordPress $2.75 a month. This will provide you with unlimited web hosting in a cost-effective and reliable manner.

#5 Excellent customer support

High-level customer support and the options given to you by Bluehost

Bluehost: its pros and cons

There’s no such thing as the perfect web hosting service even though Bluehost are renowned for their reliability an excellent customer service, there are some cons to the services and pros and here they are

Pros of using Bluehost

  • The principal attraction to Bluehost is there affordable pricing plans and the fact that they’ve maintained these although they have such a large market share
  • Bluehost have an exceptional uptime rate of 99.99%. this rate is unrivaled
  • They’re charging system is transparent and open although they offer discounted race for their first year they always tell their customers these rates will increase after that time and exactly how much they will cost.
  •  When you sign up for a one-year contract and you get a free domain name and a full spectrum of other free feature.

Cons of Bluehost

  • Expect your price to increase after your first 3 years period
  • Unfortunately the one negative we found with the entire experience of using Bluehost is their customer service team can be a little pushy with sales tried to get you to use add-ons from the very beginning you may not initially need

Overall, we found the experience of using Bluehost to be excellent. Bluehost’s open pricing wide variety of hosting plans and exceptional performance makes it one of the best web hosting services on the market. We give it 4.7/5. We hope that you enjoyed reading our review, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

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